• vanessa6297
    I answered a call from this number the caller asked for someone in my house hold you could barely hear him because he was calling from a call center. I asked if he would like to leave a message but he did not and he wouldn't tell me what his reason for calling was.
  • No message just hangup.
  • fuss traded
    hang up calls harrassing my elderly loved one
  • Charlie
    Several calls
  • scammer.. has used a different number in the past. received an email, no phone call about a job. Re: OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT It is my pleasure to inform you that you have been selected to become my Personal Assistant in the United States. Statistics show that a resume and interview do not guarantee success, especially in the Event planning field. However, you will undergo a 90 days probationary period to ensure you possess the knowledge, skills and abilities required to do your job satisfactorily. Upon receipt of your acceptance email, I will call you to discuss your job duties in detail before weekend. My arrival date is March 28th, 2014 when we shall meet in person. Our downtown office will open officially on March 31th, 2014 when you will be presented an Employment Contract,Orientation and same day we shall discuss date you would like to start work. Salary of $1000 is paid weekly. 2-weeks' vacation time and pay annually, and benefits include: Medical, dental, visualinsurance and combined profit sharing (bonuses) at the end of each year. Working hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with 1 hour lunch Monday through Friday Your job will officially start before I leave Canada. Which means you will work from home till I arrive in the States, and help where necessary so as to make our transitioning to theStates easier. A laptop will be provided to create efficiency in your duties. A disc containing the company's platform (software) will be mailed to you after a week. A check will be sent to you to coordinate some purchases such as stationery, Company bank card info will be provide to you to secure accommodation (hotel) for me and other delegates attending the official opening of the US office. You will also be required to make a report of tasks assigned to you on or before March 21th, 2014. Please confirm this email with your full details (including name) to address laptop, disc too when sending it. Home/mailing address to mail the Fund to you. Here is my direct cell number (778) 779 1319, Have it programmed on your cell phone so as to know the number when am calling you. Ensure you pick phone calls and check your email regularly. Regards, Jemerez A Chadman info@bloomicevents.com http://www.bloomicpromoinc.com/
  • Sandra
    Anyone else getting calls from this number?
  • Calls everyday. Will not leave message.
  • I am getting the same phone calls. I answered and they refuse to tell me who they are. They said they are debt collectors but what say for who. Not sure about these people.
  • They are a collection agency. They do not like to divulge a lot of info on the phone. It's actually not very professional at all. The woman who initially called me couldn't even say my last name. Then she transferred me to someone who tried to sound more professional. She told me what I planned to do about a debt and I said nothing cause it's been like 8yrs already. She laughed and said "Nothing huh" then hung up. LOL!!!! Then I called back to see if I can get some info out of these people. The guy who answered the phone didn't sound professional at all. I asked what BRS stood for and all I got was ummm ummm ummm. I guess they have caller ID cause he asked if this was so and so and I said yes, then this person had the never to say "well when you're ready to talk call us back" I laughed and hung up. Really? That's how you guys work? That's crazy.
  • Just another "help me I can't get up" sales pitch. Don't waste your time with them.
  • android
    What a bunch of losers!! They have nothing better to do than call someone's phone. I will buy me an air horn!!! Can't stand these spammers!!! it's getting worse with all these different phone numbers can't someone stop these people!!
  • no idea why they called.
  • Called my parents number- haven't lived there is years..left a message stating a complaint has been filed? Left a reference ID and said call back. Called back but only an answering machine wanting me to leave my contact info(I didn't). Parents said caller ID said customer focud? WTH?
  • Tyleisha Turner
    Grant Of 9000
  • Hang-up call.